MORE LAYOUT PICS MORE LAYOUT PICS AERIAL VIEW OF ANTIQUE CAR SHOW This photo was taken before I inserted the actual antique cars. The cars shown were used as a temp. 184040920 CHICOS TACO STAND 1 Chico Gonzales selling his tacos. 184040786 CHICOS TACO STAND 2 Kids on bikes about to purchase a taco from Chico. 184040921 ENTERTAINMENT AT THE CAR SHOW A four piece band entertains the people while they browse the antique cars. The figures are from Woodland Scenics. 184040919 WALLY'S WIENER WORD Wally vending his world famous wieners. 184040922 THE WATERFALL 1 Scratch built using products fro Woodland Scenics. 184040925 THE WATERFALL 2 Some of the vegestation. 184040926 THE WATERFALL 3 A log jam at the base of the lake. 184040927 THE WATERFALL 4 Fishing is great. 184040928 THE WATERFALL 5 A log cabin. Out house in back, (not shown.) 184040929 OIVINK'S BOWLING ALLEY 1 Scratch built on card stock from my computer. (My own design.) 184041408 OIVINK'S BOWLING ALLEY 2 The sign is from a company called Miller Engineering. It;'s animated with over twenty different patterns. 184041407 OIVINK'S BOWLING ALLEY 3 The fence in the parking lot was made using toothpicks. 184041409 OIVINK'S BOWLING ALLEY 4 The blue canope was made from a plastic lid from a candy container. 184041410 PETUNIA'S NURSERY 1 184041556 PETUNIA'S NURSERY 2 A "far away" view. 184041560 PETUNIA'S NURSERY 3 The plants were made by my friend Judi. She does great work. 184041563 PETUNIA'S NURSERY 4 The parking lot was made on my computer. 184041559 PETUNIA'S NURSERY 5 A lady about to load her prchase into her trunk. 184041558 PETUNIA'S NURSERY 6 Petunia's family, having a Bar-B-Q. 184041557 PETUNIA'S NURSERY 7 Small boy fishing. I don't know why. There are no fish kin the pond. 184041561 PETUNIA'S NURSERY 8 The daiseys are made from a kit. My friend Judi put them together. What patience!!! 184041562